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A Look Back

Sometimes you understand why a team was so good or bad for a few years by looking at who their prospects were (or the trades they made) years back. I just pulled out a copy of Bill Mazeroski's Baseball '92 -- here are the top prospects for the Cubs and White Sox.

White Sox
Roberto Hernandez
Jeff Carter
Esteban Beltre
Johnny Ruffin
Rodney Bolton
Mike Robertson
Scott Ruffcorn
Brandon Wilson
Danny Matznick
Rolando Canidad
Charles Poe
Clemente Alvarez
Troy Fryman

Well, that explains a lot. Other than Hernandez, nobody else made any kind of an impact. But it gets worse:

Chicago Cubs
Lance Dickson
Gary Scott
Turk Wendell
Pedro Castellano
Ryan Hawblitzel
Time Parker
Doug Glanville
Elvin Paulino
Kevin Roberson
Jesse Hollins
Troy Bradford
Jose Vierra
Pedro Valdez

To give an idea of what the difference is like, look at the Braves:
Mark Wohlers
Keith Mitchell
Ryan Klesko
Chipper Jones
Dave Nied
Javy Lopez
Mike Kelly
Napoleon Robinson
Ben Rivera
Tyler Houston
Melvin Nieves
Matt Murray
Dennis Burlingame
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