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Bulls? The Chicago Bulls?

I’m listening to WMVP, and they're talking Chicago Bulls - who are over .500 for the first time (barring two or three games into the season) since the last season Michael Jordan was around. Everyone’s getting excited, and talking not just playoffs, but how far they can go.

This is an indication of how bad the Bulls have been the last six seasons - I don’t think they finished within 20 games of .500 in any of them. And the show’s hosts, whoever they are (Mark Silverman and Rick Morrissey from the Tribune - Jay Mariotti is gone) are alternately getting excited, tempering their enthusiasm, and making fun of themselves because of how bad the other Chicago teams are. (The Cubs were a disappointment, the White Sox were mediocre as usual, and the Bears were horrible most of the season. Add in the Blackhawks' season being a lost cause because of the lockout, and what else do you have to talk about?)

The Bulls will be okay this season. I think 45 wins and going to the second round are reasonable goals. But the Bulls lost a lot of people in the last six seasons, and they need to win a little more consistently to get people to start talking about them again.

Let’s talk about college basketball a second. Illinois is undefeated, and they’re up at Wisconsin tonight in a game that should be a thriller. Northwestern is competitive, DePaul has righted the ship, and UIC is getting better. Yet we don’t talk about that much until the NCAAs. That should change.
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